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REACH Registration Cost

How much does REACH registration cost?
REACH late pre-registration is moderate cheap. The market price is between 100 Euros to 500 Euros per substance with discount available for multiple substances. If you appoint an only representative, you need to pay an annual maintenance fee on a yearly basis, probably between 100 Euros and 500 Euros per substance per year (discount is also available).
SSS though provide late-pre-registration service at a rate of 80 € per substance; and the annual maintenance fee is presently charged at 65 € per substance.
REACH registration is much more expensive. The total cost of registering one substance could reach millions of Euros if your tonnage is very high and your company is the only company registering it. Luckily, REACH encourages data sharing through joint submission, in which case lead registrant and consortium will do most of the work such as GLP testing, preparation of technical dossier and Chemical Safety Report. Member registrants only need to pay the lead registrant a fee (i.e, buying a letter of access) to refer to the joint registration data and dossier developed by lead registrant or consortium, and prepare their individual part of registration dossier.
REACH Registration Cost Estimation
The total registration costs mainly consist of three parts:

A. Data fees paid to lead registrant or Consortium to purchase letter of access to refer to the common parts of registration dossier. The fee is tonnage dependent. Data fee varies from substance to substance. It is fixed by consortium or lead registrant. The price of a letter of access for a typical substance is between 5000 and 45,000 Euros.

B. Consultancy fees paid to consultancy firms to advise the whole registration process and prepare the individual part of registration dossier in IUCLID 5. The service fee covers SIEF/consortium communications, data gathering, individual dossier preparation and submission. Some firms charge hourly rates. SSS usually charges a maximum of 2,000 Euros for this service if Chemical Safety Report (CSR) is part of joint submission.

C. ECHA fees paid to European Chemical Agency. The fee is dependent on the annual tonnage of the substance and company size. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) enjoy discounts on ECHA fees (Euros).



























SME criteria are listed as below:

Note: Besides above fees, member registrants also need to do some analytical tests such as HPLC, MS, IR, and NMR etc to confirm substance identity. This might cost an extra 500 – 1000 Euros. The whole registration process takes 2~4 months.

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